The world’s first helicopter city.

Aviation Partners is undertaking the development and construction of the thoughtfully designed 500,000 square meter HeliCity site, which will be the home of the world’s first helicopter academy; HeliAcademy.

HeliCity will boast the world’s first helicopter training academy; HeliAcademy, the world’s first helicopter airport, three restaurants and a, first of its kind, visitor centre which expects to draw around 35,000 visitors every year.

HeliCity will create a highly skilled and management work force in excess of 2,000 people with another 20,000 professional pilots and aviation industry skilled technical personnel from all parts of the world visiting the facility every year upon launch.

Each professional crew member, visiting HeliAcademy which is at the centre of HeliCity,  will stay in the vicinity for approximately four nights creating a demand of at least 80,000 room nights, added to this will be senior or executive management from across the global aviation industry.  The demand for hotel rooms generated by HeliCity will easily exceed 100,000 room nights per year.

This project will be a welcome addition to any international airline, generating significant volumes of first & business class airline ticket sales and will add a unique, first of its kind, international focus to the chosen site and its surrounding and supporting facilities.

The positive impact this project is going to have on its surrounding location is easy to see.


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