Topiary Impressive Greetings from Airbus

Airbus Christmas Tree Flight Path
Airbus Christmas tree flight path recording on

Flying a path that took five and a half hours to plan, an Airbus A380’s flight path formed a near perfect outline of a Christmas tree, including baubles and a star ‘of kinds’ on top.

What a better way for an aviation company to spread festive cheer.

The path was captured by flight tracking website FlightRadar, tracing the shape as it flew across Germany and through Denmark.

Luckily there were no passengers on board as the aircraft, shown above in its pre-delivery colours, was on test before being delivered to Emirates.

Airbus tweeted that the festive route was an “early Season’s Greeting” from its test pilots.

“It was the idea of test pilots and engineers,” a spokesperson for the Airbus told the Daily Telegraph, adding that flight test routes were “flexible”.

It’s surely not the first or indeed the last ‘creative’ flight path to be captured, however it’s definitely the most timely.

Well done Airbus it’s TOPIARY impressive.

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