Our website talks about what we do, but I want to take this opportunity to give you a sense of what Aviation Partners is about, what we know, and why we embarked on such an ambitious industry-changing project.

We aim to empower all vertical lift operations of the future by creating an infrastructure for a global market. We now see this aim coming to fruition after years of hard work and commitment.

We are pleased to have obtained the engagement of the international industry that is a key element to execution. In short, we are creating internationally acceptable helicopter and vertical lift infrastructure. It is blending standards using technology that even the late Steve Jobs would be truly excited about. Let’s not be shy of the fact that this is a unique scope of facilities and services, to meet the developing global demand of the unfolding vertical flight industry that will become available to the masses, not just the elite.

We are both humbled and grateful for the range of supporting comments we have received from senior executives from the worlds leading OEMs. For example here are just a handful of the many comments received.

“it’s a game changer”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“this will have a profound affect”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“this will have positive effects on the whole industry”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you.

This project started life for a GCC region, however, it is not restricted to one execution and one location, and Aviation Partners are now engaging with other regions. It truly is an infrastructure that can be implemented internationally across regions; in line with the vision of each separate nation with foundations of being united in responsibility, destiny, knowledge and prosperity. Ultimately a positive future for the industry and the regions in which it is implemented.

As a qualified professional helicopter pilot, I have watched the helicopter landscape change during the past two decades on all levels. With the amazing advancement of technology, to the reduction of highly trained military helicopter pilots re-entering the civil industry with valuable skills, to private companies now training military pilots, to more use of police and emergency medical helicopters by civil operators, to civil organisations undertaking search and rescue, and to the general populations desire to transit quicker and in more luxury with the use of helicopters. Most important is the vision of the next generation of vertical lift that everyone has ambitions of achieving although there is little or no infrastructure to support it.

Everything that we undertake takes into account the development of the industry for original equipment manufacturers, pilots, technicians, helicopter and vertical lift crews, air operators, and of course passengers, and the service they expect to receive akin to luxury hospitality.

We will empower air operator’s provision of vertical lift transportation by the development of the infrastructure network to enable their assets and operations to function.

Let us be clear that the implementation of this is monumental. Under our execution model and vision of Aviation Partners will only enhance the success of the industry, a region, and fundamentally the operational partners that we engage with.

This is not marketing blur prepared by someone at arm’s length. So please allow me to explain that we focus on dedicated professionalism with core values to empower and inspire. We approach everything with creativity, treat everyone fairly, and seek to exceed expectations. We desire to be the best, with a commitment to quality, with a commitment to responsiveness, and resourcefulness to our stakeholder partners, clients and employees. We will not compromise on those values.

On behalf of the Aviation Partners’ highly skilled team, we consider it a privilege to be engaged with industry and its professionals to bring this industry infrastructure to life across regions and to continue to develop and empower the helicopter and vertical lift industry.


Chief Executive Officer

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