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HeliAcademy is an international helicopter training academy for professionally qualified helicopter pilots and crews focusing on type ratings, proficiency, mission training, skills training and advanced operational training.  Utilising only the very latest technology in scenario and simulation training supported by live environment training.

HeliAcademy will provide empowering mission-skills-training such as deck, snow, sand and special environment landing, Search & Rescue, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services and Police Air Operations, which are not currently available and will be designed to inspire.

Pilots will be able to certify across multiple aviation regulators, across multiple jurisdictions and all major helicopter manufacturers’ products. HeliAcademy will utilise cutting edge glass cockpit technology, aircraft systems and focus on the technology of the future.

HeliAcademy will inspire and empower crews to reach their peak operational performance and be able to handle the ‘WHAT IF’

World-class facility within HeliCity at an iconic internationally known location designed for your vertical lift training needs:

  • World’s largest professional pilot and crew training facility in a 23,500 m2 purpose built facility
  • Training across all major helicopter manufacturers’ products
  • World’s largest collection of full-flight simulators and helicopter types utilising roll-on-roll-off technology enabling specific cockpit configurations for individual customer’s military or civil application.
  • Conforming to multiple aviation regulators and jurisdictions
  • Unique in scope for mission, scenario and simulation training to suit industry and customer requirements
  • Blending military, civilian and paramilitary training standards
  • Providing mission skills training such as:- Landings on ships, yachts, snow, sand, jungle, mountain and urban environments.  Flying in formations, tactically, low level and in harsh environments. Training for Search & Rescue, medical, police air operations, film industry, power line and much more.
  • Unique Search and Rescue crew and pilot training in a four storey glass environment simulation chamber containing various rig configurations and rescue swimmer water submersion allowing fully immersive reality, virtual reality and augmented reality SAR crew training. Crew classrooms overlook these chambers and aircraft SIMs are electronically coupled to the chamber so that crew and pilot are simultaneously at the same scene of operation.
  • Bespoke multi-mission / multi-crew training with multiple simulators capable or being electronically coupled to enable simulation in formation flight and multiple assets at the same scene of operation.
  • 75 classrooms, with environment conditioned pre-flight briefing rooms, lecture theatres and technical training rooms
  • Pilot and crew lounges and libraries
  • Corporate training theatres
  • Three restaurants onsite managed by one of the world’s leading hotels
  • Dedicated corporate dining, corporate hospitality function suites and corporate event suites with onsite corporate management to meet the international needs of OEMs and the industry

Visitor Attraction

  • Dedicated interactive visitor centre and hospitality services
  • Dedicated school and public interest areas designed to keep aviation training secure but visible when required
Aviation Partners - Illustrative Design Development of HeliAcademy
Illustrative Design Development of HeliAcademy
Aviation Partners - Illustrative Design Development of HeliAcademy - Sideview
Illustrative Design Development of HeliAcademy – Sideview


Aviation Partners HeliAcademy - Level 4
HeliAcademy – Level 4
Aviation Partners HeliAcademy - Level 3
HeliAcademy – Level 3
Aviation Partners HeliAcademy - Level 2
HeliAcademy – Level 2
Aviation Partners HeliAcademy - Level 1
HeliAcademy – Level 1
Aviation Partners HeliAcademy - Level O
HeliAcademy – Level 0