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The HeliPods are an extensive network of heliports enabling helicopter transportation as a real addition to the road, rail and airline transportation systems. An infrastructure that unites the region by providing a unique and bespoke means of transportation.

Each HeliPod runs to the highest safety standards whilst ensuring passengers enjoy accessible five-star luxury facilities including concierge services to access VIP ground transport links.  Passengers could also have access to VIP clearance integration with international flights.

Air operators will experience rotors-running refuelling, in aircraft air-conditioning for comfortable short term waiting or parking, HeliPod to aircraft communication for handling services and one point of billing, pricing and operational management.

HeliPods provide the ultimate convenience for passengers, crew and operators.

  • Multiple locations for air operator, crew and passenger convenience
  • VIP operations by an internationally renowned hospitality organization
  • Complimentary food and beverage, luxury waiting facilities and concierge services for passengers
  • Complimentary food and beverage, bathroom facilities and waiting area for pilots
  • VIP international operator ground handling at all HeliPods to support all helicopter flights
  • Rotors-running or static refuelling, and air-conditioning while on the ground
  • One point of billing, pricing and operational management.
HeliPod Overhead
Overhead view of a typical HeliPod


HeliPod Image
External Image of a typical HeliPod

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