Chief Executive Officer


An experienced business leader and helicopter pilot, Mark is the founder and visionary behind Aviation Partners which is responsible for Project Falcon.

Before taking on the challenge of Project Falcon Mark had a varied and impressive history of achieving ambitious high-profile business projects that most wouldn’t consider. He has a proven portfolio of positioning projects for success through strategic planning, analytical yet creative thinking, and leading suitably skilled teams that demonstrate a dedication to profitable operational excellence and achievements that define new boundaries that others subsequently follow.

Mark also established the first civil helicopter Search and Rescue operation in a British territory (HART). Covering 4000 square miles of airspace. This was a completely self-funded operation which led to the UK benchmarking HART’s SAR operations as an operational example leading to the UK SAR function being transferred from the RAF under a PFI contract to a civil consortium. The Post Office issued a First-Class postage stamp in honour of Mark’s SAR achievements with an image of their first basic helicopter prior to advancing to a much larger SAR Airbus aircraft.

Burby Helicopter First Class Stamp

Not simply passionate about achieving aviation excellence, Mark executed numerous real estate developments throughout the UK and is no stranger to executing ambitious projects across various industries. Most notably Mark created Europe’s first and largest urban country club at Canary Wharf, Reebok Sports Club, securing exclusivity rights within Canary Wharf Estate and achieving branding rights with Reebok Inc. The business now boasts membership of 500% more than initially required to make the project profitable, which at the time people thought was too ambitious and unachievable. The facility, acquired by Third Space, is one of the largest and most successful facilities in the health industry.

Mark being no stranger to challenging conventional boundaries also created and sold one of the largest leisure parks in Scotland, housing the first Virgin Movie Theatres at the request of Sir Richard Branson.

Most notably, Mark, gained international headlines for project managing and leading a very high-profile litigation case as the CEO of a global territory of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. By default, he became very experienced in the technical nuances involved in multi-jurisdictional litigation, the simultaneous management of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions, asset tracing, asset seizure, crossing litigation from Hague Convention countries into non-Hague convention countries, diplomatic service of proceedings and Foreign and Commonwealth diplomacy of legal situations that conflict with Government interests. He has also given evidence to the UK Parliamentary Select Committee regarding the judicial use of privacy law and legal procedure in circumstances where legal opponents of unequal arms can misuse it. He has gained a well-earned reputation for being experienced in leading a tactical approach to litigation that goes beyond that of conventional legal process. This resulted in his business and litigation experience becoming of value to the institutional litigation funding industry.

Mark’s launch into the creative world of true entrepreneurship came off the back of cutting his teeth in the corporate finance industry which was part of his resettlement from a short and specialist British military career as a Royal Marine Commando. He views his military foundations as responsible for his drive and pursuit of excellence in everything he undertakes.