At Aviation Partners, we treat our social responsibility with equal importance to our commercial mission when empowering the world’s vertical lift operations.

Our efforts are focused on adding value: to our people, stakeholders, partners, the industry and the region. Our agenda is embraced by our stakeholders and partners to ensure that we have a unified programme of initiatives that cover all aspects of our business and operations.

At the centre of this approach is respecting the UAE Vision 2021 as well as the inspirational ethics and culture.

Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 & UAE Vision 2021 Logo

Delivering internationally acknowledged world-class pilot, crew and technical training and building a national vertical lift infrastructure underscores the strength of our long-term growth strategy. This plays a crucial role in driving sustainable economic growth in our home of the United Arab Emirates.

Whilst our pilot mission training business is focused on the international pool of helicopter pilots and crew, Emiratisation is essential for us to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the future of the UAE and its international business culture.

We will be launching and encouraging stakeholders and partners to provide, manage and finance schemes for pilots, engineers and managers all helping to develop a future generation of Emirati leaders in vertical lift, management and hospitality.  These initiatives will be available from early stage weekend and after school ‘vertical lift awareness’ clubs through to professional pilot, hospitality and technical scholarships.

Our projects further support the development of the travel and tourism sector. Bringing international pilots, their crews and their families to the UAE to experience and benefit from our professional training programmes whilst indulging in the region’s unsurpassed hospitality.

As a global centre for vertical lift excellence, Emiratisation is key to our international success and the ongoing success of the UAE on the international aviation stage.